15 Months of Fun

Our twins just turned 15 months old. Wow. It wasn’t all that long ago that I asked myself if I’d survive their first year and now here we are!


I am amazed at what God has done in our lives. The fact that we make it through each day healthy, mostly happy, and mostly sane, is just incredible. As I write this, my sweet babes are tucked into bed. They all go to bed by 7:30pm and go right to sleep. I know, how lucky am I?!

My girls are looking so much like toddlers and NOT babies and it’s rather sad. They get more beautiful each day and I am thrilled as I watch them grow and learn. I pray I will be able to cherish the little moments each day, because it’s going by SO fast.

My Felicity is rambunctious, adventurous, smart, loves to eat (and I mean LOVES), is our climber and runner and we are sure that she’ll be an athlete one day. Her auburn hair is thickening up a bit and growing some…finally. πŸ™‚ Her curls are darling, sparse though they may be. Her dark brown eyes are bright with mischief. I adore her beyond words and find her endlessly entertaining.


IMG_6532 IMG_6544 IMG_6555Our Ruby is a princess who loves snuggles and tickles. She will run over and lay right in front of me to be tickled, that’s how much she loves it! πŸ™‚ Ruby is our quieter twin. She loves books and animals, and does her fair share of climbing and being adventurous. But she’s Mommy’s girl all the way. She loves sitting on my lap and snuggling. She’s a big eater too and I am very blessed that my girls enjoy food so much. Ruby’s hair has grown into a silky mane that is starting to curl on the ends and is a beautiful light auburn. I love it! Her eyes are brown too, but a much lighter brown that Felicity’s and her long eyelashes are to die for. This one is a flirt, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚


IMG_6549The best thing about twins right now is that they play so well together! It’s fabulous. They love each other and have fun together and are inseparable. In fact, just tonight they were playing in the play room while I got their things ready for bed and Felicity wandered into the bedroom after me. Seconds later, I heard Ruby screaming and crying and then running through the house. She found Felicity and I quickly, before I could even stop what I was doing to see what was wrong. Poor Ruby looked FRANTIC. She was shaking and just appeared completely panicked. I knew it was because she found herself suddenly alone and that never happens. Poor girl 😦 I take it for granted that they are used to being together all the time.

IMG_6434 IMG_6513 IMG_6425It’s the end of another long day and this mama is exhausted, so I’ll end this by saying I feel incredibly blessed to have these ginger snaps. Life is full…very tiring, but worth it! Happy 15 Months to my sweet girls!!


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